IPY 2012 Health Sessions

The IPY 2012 Conference being held in Montreal from April 22 to 27, 2012 represents perhaps the largest gathering of polar scholars and scientists to date. Moreover, in several parallel sessions, the issues of climate change and health figure prominently.

The following list of sessions and presentations should give you a fairly representative snapshot of the recent academic research that has taken place across the circumpolar world in the area of climate change, health, and adaptation. The full conference program can be found at IPY2012.

1.4.2 Human health and well-being, including food security in a changing Arctic

Room: 520EF

Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chair: Kue Young
13h30 Is the Health of Circumpolar People Improving? A Report Card for 2000-2009
K. Young
14h00 Country Foods Benefits and Risks: New Recommendations for Pregnant Women and Those of Childbearing Age in Nunavik
M. Lemire, M. Kwan, G. Muckle, E. Labranche, S. Déry, É. Dewailly
14h15 The Many Dimensions of Food Insecurity in Inuit Communities: IPY Inuit Health Survey, 2007-2008
G.M. Egeland, H. Saudny, Z. Cao, C. Huet, N. Sheikh, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Nunavut, & Nunatsiavut Inuit Health Survey Steering Committee
14h30 Community-Based Food Security Research in Old Crow, Yukon: Integrating Knowledge of Human Health, Environmental Change and Adaptation
S. Wesche, L.M.H. Chan, R.C. Shuster, P. Tobin, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, N. Kassi, C. Dickson
14h45 Inuit Food Security: Vulnerability of the traditional food system to climatic extremes during winter 2010/2011 in Iqaluit, Nunavut
S. Statham, J. D. Ford
Parallel Sessions (15h30-17h00) Chair: Arja Rautio
15h30 From Human Biomonitoring of Environmental Contaminants to International Action; Protecting Human Health and the Arctic Environment
J. Van Oostdam, S. Donaldson, J. Odland, J. Hansen, A. Gilman
15h45 Food Security and Infant Feeding Practices Among Canadian Inuit: Results from the Nunavut Inuit Child Health Survey
K.E. McIsaac, T.K. Young, D. Sellen, W. Lou, G. Egeland
16h00 Building a Framework on How to Assess Food Security in the Alaskan Arctic
C. Behe
16h15 Living on the Land, Living off the Land: Traditional Food Security through Community Education in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region
V. Douglas, H.M. Chan
16h30 IPY- Adult Inuit Health Survey 2007-2008, Part I: Moving from Research to Knowledge – The Participatory Process
ISR steering committee, Nunavut steering committee, Nunatsiavut steering committee, H. Saudny, K. Young, G. Egeland
16h45 Longitudinal Study of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Men from Northern Norway (1979-2008): Elucidating Trend Concepts Relevant for Predicting Future Exposures
T.H. Nøst, V. Berg, O.M. Fuskevåg, J.Ø. Odland, T.M. Sandanger
Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chair: Jon Odland
13h30 Prevalence of Self-reported Suicidal Thoughts in SLiCA. The Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic
A.R. Broderstad, B.M. Eliassen, M. Melhus
14h00 Exploring Youth and Parent Perspectives on Sexual Health and Relationships in Nunavut
G.K. Healey
14h15 Identifying the Causes of Inuit Suicide in Nunavut: Results of a Psychological Autopsy Case-Control Study
E. Chachamovich, J. Haagarty, M. Cargo, L. Kirmayer, G. Turecki
14h30 Coming of Age: How Young Women in the Northwest Territories Understand the Barriers and Facilitators to Positive, Empowered, and Safer Sexual Health
C. Lys, C. Reading
14h45 Antarctic Intergroup Relation: A Brazilian Station Psychodynamic Analysis
G. de O. Cobra
Parallel Sessions (15h30-17h00) Chair: Arja Rautio
15h30 Health Impacts in Arctic Populations, Climate Change and the Stockholm Convention: Integrating the Information for Effective Management of POPs
A Gilman
16h00 Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Women from Norway, Arctic Russia and Uzbekistan – Predictors and Regional Differences
T.M. Sandanger, L. Hanssen, C. Rylander, A. Dudarev, E. Lund, J.Ø. Odland
16h15 Perfluorinated Compounds are Related to Breast Cancer Risk in Greenlandic Inuit: A Case Control Study
E.C. Bonefeld-Jorgensen, M. Long, R. Bossi, P. Ayotte, G. Asmund, T. Krüger, M. Ghisari, G. Mulvad, P. Kern, P. Nzulumiki, E. Dewailly
16h30 Human Health Risks of Contaminants in the Arctic Populations
A. Rautio, A. Huusko, K. Abass, P. Nieminen, H. Lehtiniemi, K. Vähäkangas
16h45 Level and Temporal Trend of Perfluoroalkyl Acids in Greenlandic Inuit
M. Long, R. Bossi, E.C. Bonefeld-Jørgensen
Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chair: Peter Bjerregaard
13h30 International Circumpolar Surveillance of Infectious Diseases
A.J. Parkinson, H. Njoo, B. Evengard, F. Stenz, A. Koch, K.G. Kristinsson, H. Blystad, P. Nuorti, L. Liudmil
13h45 The Research of Seasonal Injuries at the Mining Enterprises of the North
A.F. Galkin, R.G. Khusainova
14h00 Climate Change Impacts on Alaska Population Health: Findings from a Community-based Sentinel Surveillance System
T. Sunbury, D. Driscoll
14h30 Climate Change, Heat Waves and Cold Spells Pose Health Risks in Russian Arctic
B.A. Revich, D.A. Shaposhnikov, N. Tokarevich
14h45 The Circumpolar Health Observatory (CircHOB), an International Collaborative Health Information System.
K. Young, S. Chatwood
Parallel Sessions (15h30-17h00) Chair: Peter Bjerregaard
15h30 What do we know about the possible role of contaminant exposure in the emergence of cardio vascular diseases in the Arctic?
E. Dewailly, B. Valera, P. Poirier
16h00 Averting the Emerging Chronic Disease Epidemic
P. Bjerregaard
16h30 Inuulluataarneq (Having the Good Life): Community Based Participatory Research in Greenland to Address Sexual Health
E. Rink, R. Montgomery-Andersen, A. Koch, G. Mulvad, D. Gesink
16h45 Impact of Antarctica Winters on Vital and Nutritional Parameters
A. Bhatia, R. Pal

2.4.4 Communities and change: vulnerability, resilience and adaptation

Room: 524C

Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chairs: Chris Furgal and Henry Huntington
13h30 CAVIAR: Community Vulnerability and Adaptation in Arctic Regions
B. Smit, G. Hovelsrud, T. Pearce
13h45 Gender, Well-being, and Climate Change in the Circumpolar North
A.L. Lovecraft
14h00 Participation of the Russian Indigenous Peoples in the IPY Research Project
P.V. Sulyandziga, T.Yu. Semenova
14h15 A Necessary Voice: The Importance of Engaging and Including Inuit Youth in Northern Research and Policy
J. MacDonald, S.L. Harper, A. Cunsolo Willox, V.L. Edge, Rigolet Inuit Community Government
14h30 Mapping Human Dimensions of Climate Change Research in the Canadian Arctic: 2000-2010
J.D. Ford, K. Bolton, J. Shirley, T. Pearce, M. Tremblay, M. Westlake
14h45 Assessing the Link between Place-Based Relationships and Changing Water Resources: Approaches to Incorporating ‘Place’ in Adaptation Assessments
J.A. Fresque-Baxter, D. Armitage
Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chairs: Henry Huntington and Rebecca Klady
13h30 Reindeer Herders’ Vulnerability Network Study (EALÁT): From Knowledge to Action on Climate Change Adaptation
A. Oskal, R.G. Corell, S.D. Mathiesen, J.M. Turi, O.H. Magga
13h45 From Vulnerability to Adaptive Capacity and Transformative Adaptation: Case Studies from Northern Norway
G.K. Hovelsrud, H. Dannevig
14h00 Indigenous Knowledge Exchange
C. Dickson, A. Oskal, B. Larocque, M.A. Pogodaev
14h15 Adaptive Capacity and Community Resilience in Northern Norwegian Communities
H. Amundsen, G.K. Hovelsrud
14h30 Capacity-building for Local Public Management and Territorial Planning in Nunavik and Raising Awareness Regarding Climate Change
M. Gagnon, C. Larrivée, C. Furgal, R. Laing, S. Ricard
14h45 Climate Change Policy Responses for Canada’s Inuit Populations: The Importance of and Opportunities for Adaptation
T. Pearce, J. Ford, F. Duerden, C. Furgal, B. Smit
Parallel Sessions (10h00-12h00) Chairs: Chris Furgal and Henry Huntington
10h00 Ecosystem Influences, Hunting Success, and Adaptation in Savoonga, Alaska
G. Noongwook, H.P. Huntington
10h15 Changing Daily Wind Speeds: Implications for a Subsistence Hunting System
W.D. Hansen, T.J. Brinkman, M. Leonawicz, F.S. Chapin III, G.P. Kofinas
10h30 Heterogeneous Experiences with Mining and Community Adaptive Capacity: A Case Study of Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
K. Peterson, B. Bradshaw, C. Knotsch
10h45 Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study from Kuujjuarapik and Whapmagoostui
V. Larivière
11h00 Historical Adaptations to Extreme Events and Natural Hazards in Iqaluit, Nunavut, 1942-1995
P.H. Adams
11h15 Landscape Instability in Nunavut Coastal Communities
D.L. Forbes, T. Bell, I.R. Smith, T.S. James, G.K. Manson, D. St. Hilaire-Gravel
11h30 Characterization, Impact and Adaptation Assessment of an Anomalous Winter in Nain, Nunatsiavut, Canada
R. Laing, C. Furgal, T. Sheldon
11h45 ‘Brightening Our Home Fires Project’
M. Van Bibber, D. Badry, A. Hache, L. Boucher, S. Lockhart, A. Salmon, A. Wight-Felske
Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chairs: Henry Huntington and Chris Furgal
13h30 Distinct Communities, Unique Experiences: Regional Center-Village Contrasts among Alaska Natives
C. Turcotte-Seabury
13h45 The Greenlandic Settlement Structure: Who Moves Who Stays and Why? Results from the Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic, SLiCA
B. Poppel
14h00 Ghost Towns and Boom Towns: Migration and Its Impact on Arctic Communities
T. Heleniak
14h15 Climate-induced Community Relocation: Social Ecological Tipping Points
R. Bronen
14h30 Community Vulnerability to Changes in Winter Trails, Trail Use and Travelling in Nunatsiavut
R. Bronen
14h45 Changing Exposure to Coastal Hazards in Iqaluit, Nunavut
S.V. Hatcher, D.L. Forbes, G.K. Manson
Parallel Sessions (15h30-17h00) Chairs: Rebecca Klady and Henry Huntington
15h30 Arctic Food Security and Agricultural Knowledge in Action: Lessons in Resilience and Adaptation from Iceland in an Era of Climate Change and Financial Crisis
J.H. Ingimundarson
15h45 Circumpolar Indigenous Youth Resilience: Stressors, Strategies, and Optimizing Pathways to Adulthood
M.J. Kral, L. Wexler, J. Allen, O. Ulturgasheva, S. Rasmus, K. Nystad, K. Hopper
16h00 The Sámi Reindeer Herding in Turmoil: The Conflict between International Law and the National Legislation in Finland
A. Aikio
16h15 The Greenlandic Self-government Prioritizing of Oil and Mineral Exploration and Heavy Industry Challenge the Local Communities Adaptability and Increases Vulnerability
K. Hendriksen
16h30 Climate Change in Inuit Nunangat: A Review and Gap Analysis of Academic and Grey Literature
M. Lougheed, J. Kuptana, C. Grable, S. Nickels, A. Kendrick
16h45 Making Bush Travel Safer in an Unpredictable Environment: The Use of a Novel Web-Based Informatics Tool to Increase the Adaptive Capacity of First Nation Communities in the James Bay Region of Ontario, Canada.
C.D. Barbeau, D.D. McCarthy, D. Cowan, L.J.S. Tsuji

3.4.2 Climate Change Adaptation

Room: 513EF

Parallel Sessions (13h30-15h00) Chairs: Eddie Carmack & Russel Shearer
13h30 Salluit, Nunavik: Permafrost Science in Support of Community Adaption to Climate Change
M. Allard, E. L’Hérault, R. Fortier, F. Calmels, O. Gagnon, P. Solomon-Côté, C. Barrette
13h45 Adaptation to Global and Climate Change for Coasts and Marine Areas in the Circumpolar Arctic
M.A.K. Muir
14h00 Enhancing the Use of Knowledge in Climate Change Related Regional Strategic Planning, Case Finnish Lapland
I. Mettiäinen
14h15 From Social Anthropology in Siberia to Multidisciplinary Research Project in Support of Climate Change Adaptive Measures
A. Lavrillier
14h30 Vulnerability Narratives and Responses to Climate Change in Northern Norway
H. Dannevig, G.K. Hovelsrud
14h45 Collaborative Planning Approach to Solving Development Problems in the Community of Salluit, Québec, Canada
D. Frappier, V. Gratton, J. Gagnon
15h00 Stabilizing Highways Overlying Degrading Permafrost in a Changing Climate, Yukon, Canada
P. Murchison, G. Doré, D. Fortier, B. Stanley

3.4.3 Human and Environmental Well-Being

Room: 513D

Parallel Sessions (10h00-12h00) Chair: Henning Pederson
10h00 (empty)
10h15 Improving Access to University Education in the Canadian Arctic: Learning from Past Experiences, Listening to the Inuit Students and Developping Tools and Policies
T. Rodon, F. Walton, F. Abele, D. O’leary, S. Kennedy, M. Lachapelle, T. McKay, P. Gross, C. Mearns
10h30 Mental Health and Criminal Justice in Remote Northern Communities
P. Ferrazzi
10h45 The Mercury Message: One Inuvialuit Community’s Knowledge and Perceptions About the Process of Communicating Contaminants Research
B. Reinfort, G.A. Stern, F. Wang
11h00 Adapting to Environmental Change in the Yukon: Transferring Knowledge to Action to Improve Food Security
L.H.M. Chan, S. Wesche, R.C. Schuster, P. Tobin, V. Douglas, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation, Teslin Tlingit Council, N. Kassi, C. Dickson
11h15 Local Responses to Food Insecurity in Iqaluit, Nunavut: The Use of Community Food Programs
M-P. Lardeau, J. Ford, G. Healey, W. Vanderbilt
11h45 (empty)

Action Forum: Improving Access to Quality and Sustainable Health Care in Arctic Communities


10h00-12h00 Chair: Dr. Joan Nymand Larsen (Iceland)
With S. Chatwood (Canada), L. Hamilton (United States), G. Mulvad (Greenland), A. Rautio (Finland), M. Simon (Canada)

Plenary Panel: Communities and Health


15h30-17h00 Chair: Alain Parkinson
With K. Young, H.S. Pedersen, S. Stewart, L.A. Baer

Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Program

Session 3: Room 516C (10h00-12h00) Arctic Lavvu Dialogue: Indigenous Leaders Roundtable on Climate Change
Convenor: Svein Mathiesen (EALAT Project Leader)
Session 4: Room 516C (13h30-15h00) Indigenous Youth Leaders Roundtable on Climate Change
Convenor: Bridget Larocque (Gwich’in Council International)
Session 5: Room 513A/B (10h00-12h00) Youth and Capacity Building
Convenor: Nancy Karetak-Lindell (Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Program Chair)
Session 6: Room 513A/B (13h30-15h00) Tools for Knowledge Transfer
Convenor: Erik Gant (Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples Secretariat)
Session 7: Room 513A/B (10h00-12h00) Indigenous Knowledge: From Understanding other ways of Knowing to Indigenous Participation in Research in the Arctic
Convenor: Victoria Gofman (Principle Investigator, Bering Sea Sub Network)
Session 8: Room 513A/B (13h30-15h00) Food security and health
Convenor: Stephanie Meakin (Inuit Circumpolar Council Canada)

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